About Smape

Professor Guido Soavi was the former manager of Montecatini Company and a professor of Petroleum Engineering at Genoa University. He founded Italfluid company in 1975 to provide drilling-fluids and geothermal well-testing services. Since then, several new services and innovative companies (including Smape) have been gradually added to the group with successful results and with high levels of customer satisfaction.

Since the company's foundation in 1989, Smape's entire operating history has been distinguished by the ability to carry out unique and challenging projects. The subsequent and progressive growth of the company in the domestic Coiled Tubing (CT) market was due to increase both in terms of job volume and technical advancement.

Smape contributed to the innovation of many services now provided in the Coiled Tubing market by developing our own Downhole tools department and by leading the way to achieve technical solutions for several industry “firsts”.
DSince the commencement of operations, Smape has set several industry records with regards to Coiled Tubing activity in Italy. These include:

  • 1992: First rigless plug and abandonment operation with Coiled Tubing (1.0" O.D.)
  • 1994: First well completion with 2.0" CT
  • 1996: CT-Drilling of three re-entries and horizontal drain holes
  • 1998: Factory, field testing and the first installation of B.P. model "N" with CT
  • 1999: Factory, field testing and the first operations with hydraulic tubing puncher
  • 2000: Offshore installation of 11,500 ft velocity string 1 3/4" OD
  • 2006: First completion string cut performed using a CT mechanical cutter.


As a result of these technical successes, Smape started to expand our service-lines and geographic diversification:

  • Stimulation and Fluid-Pumping service was introduced with the support of skilled personnel, dedicated new equipment, state-of-the-art software applications including proprietary data acquisition and an internal fluid/chemical laboratory.
  • Pipeline Service division was added to offer Nitrogen purging and pigging, high pressure commissioning testing, chemical cleaning and flushing.
  • Chemical Injection services were added to meet an increased demand for enhanced oil recovery techniques.
  • Location bases established in Egypt, Albania and Azerbaijan, while operations were extended to continental Europe, Croatia, Georgia, Russia, Congo, and Equatorial Guinea.


Smape can now be considered as the market-leader for Coiled Tubing services in Italy, and with a growing reputation outside our borders. 

Smape is constantly working to provide new products and services in order to offer the best technical solutions for our clients and with a strong emphasis on safety, quality and environment. The success of our business comes from constant technical innovation, flexibility and the ability to meet customer requirements. Over the years, Smape has grown a highly skilled and specialised team made up of experienced personnel able to provide unique and tailored solutions to meet with our customers goals. 

Smape personnel are currently operating with around 70% of employees working in the domestic Italian market and 30% working in international locations.

Smape operating personnel are specifically selected due to their abilities to work in international environments and their language capabilities. Currently our operating personnel have the following language abilities:

  • 90% English speakers,
  • 30% French speakers,
  • 20% Arab, Spanish and Russian speakers.