Smape Fluid Pumping Service can offer a variety of applications related to gas and oil wells:

  • String pickling
  • Well Kill
  • Acid Matrix treatment and well stimulation
  • Well abandonment
  • Cement plugs
  • Wellbore clean-up with Coiled Tubing
  • Open hole treatments
  • Screen cleaning
  • Milling or Drilling with Coiled Tubing
  • Scale removal
  • Water control

Well stimulation is a general term used for a chemical or mechanical method used to increase the flow capacity of a well. Every well is a candidate for stimulation unless proven otherwise.

Smape is primarily concerned with the following treatment philosophies to restore flow capacity to an existing well:

  • Wellbore cleanup
  • Matrix treatment and formation acidising
  • Water Shut-off and conformance control

Coiled Tubing is often used to perform chemical treatments or high pressure jetting washes to remedy these problems. In order to optimise the treatment results, Smape engineering teams are experienced in designing a full job package to combine Coiled Tubing, Nitrogen and Pumping requirements. Smape can provide well analysis and intervention design using dedicated software to simulate the job, oversee the execution of the operation and to engineer the post job analysis.

Coiled tubing is often used for stimulation treatments due to its ability to be run inside most well completions and its ability to “pin-point” deliver the correct amount of fluids to an exact position.

Smape has an extensive range of chemical products designed to restore the natural permeability of a formation by treating the critical matrix, in both sandstone and limestone carbonate formations.

During completion and production, a formation may be damaged in a number of ways. As a solution Smape can provide and dedicated and tailored chemical solution for each type of formation in order to reduce formation damage issues resulting from:

  • Scale formation
  • Organic deposits
  • Silts and clays
  • Emulsions
  • Bacterial build-up
  • Sand fill
  • Plugged perforations
  • Paraffin plugs
  • Asphaltine deposits
  • paraffin plugging,