The number of recognised Coiled Tubing applications has increased significantly in recent years due to new technologies and innovations. Coiled Tubing offers a number of operational advantages over alternative methods, which include:

  • Live well interventions
  • Elimination of well kill and potentially damaging kill fluids
  • Horizontal and Deviated interventions
  • Rigless Interventions

Most conventional rig-based workover operations require extensive and costly preparation before any kind of fluid treatment can be pumped. For example, the wellhead and the production equipment must be pulled and the well must be killed to prevent a potential blowout when the string is run into the well. If Coiled Tubing is used however, the operations may be performed on a live well.

This ability eliminates the need for expensive workover rigs and kill fluids that can potentially damage the formation.

In horizontal well applications, Coiled Tubing offers another significant benefit over w/line or slick/line applications by being able to push / pull in wellbore deviations of 90° and above.

Common job-types that Smape has experienced in over 20 years of operating include:

Typical Applications
  • Well Unloading
  • Well Clean-Out
  • Sliding sleeve operation (Valve handling)
  • Fishing
  • Mechanical Scale Removal
  • Matrix Treatment
  • Plug Slurry
  • Plug & Packer setting
  • Logging
  • Well Abandonment
  • Permanent Installations
  • Setting/Retrieving Plugs
  • Removing sand or fill from wellbore


Special Applications
  • Tool Conveyance
  • Well Logging (real-time & memory)
  • Formation Fracturing via CT
  • Cutting Tubulars
  • Pumping slurry plugs
  • Removal of wax, hydrocarbon, or hydrate plugs
  • Perforating
  • Scale Removal (Mechanical)
  • Cutting Tubular (Mechanical)
  • Drilling Applications

SMAPE Coiled Tubing can also be fitted with internal electrical conductors or hydraulic conduits, which enable downhole communication and power functions to be established between the BHA and the Control Cabin at surface. In addition, Smape utilises state-of-the art CT strings that provide high levels of rigidity and strength to be pushed/pulled through highly deviated or horizontal wellbores. This enables the successful execution of downhole operations that would be impossible to perform with conventional wireline approaches, or would be cost prohibitive if performed by jointed-pipe.