Career in Smape

The strength of Smape is in the enthusiasm and skill of our people. Our company can give you the possibility to grow quickly, and with great opportunities to show your talent. We provide continuous training both in the classroom and at the well location giving you the ideal opportunity to compare theory with the experience obtained at the well-site. Quality, safety and care of the environment are core values of working at Smape.

At Smape we believe in developing our personnel by utilizing a competency system whereby the most experienced operators and engineers train and monitor our junior personnel to ensure continuity and knowledge sharing. We strongly believe in team work and each person becomes a responsible player inside the team and at the same time develops leadership skills. At Smape each individual can achieve a high level of technical and professional skill in a short time scale

We work with energy, passion and respect for the environment. Our products and services get competitive advantages to our clients and they assure reliability and superior performances. Quality, safety and care of the environment belong to the values of the SMAPE.

The key of our success is the service customizing according with the clients requests. We believe that the process to achieve the global goals, starts from personnel. Further we believe that the quality of the service is closely connected with the people. We train people highlighting th personal skills in order to get people enthisiast and happy for the job they perform.

We work with energy, passion and respect for our environment. As a result, all our services bring with them a competitive advantage for our clients due to increased levels of reliability and superior performance.

The key of our success is to provide a bespoke and customised service in accordance with our customer requests. We believe that the process of continued improvement and to achieve our long-term goals starts with our personnel. Furthermore we believe that the quality of the service is directly related to the professionalism of our personnel. Our personnel are trained to highlight their personal skills and to develop enthusiasm by promoting a friendly working environment.

Working for Smape represents taking part in a company where the key words are diversity, flexibility and quality. The training process is monitored to improve the competences and to develop the skills of each individual person.


Recruiting Process

The recruiting process is structured in different steps as per following details:

  • Initial application can be made by submitting your resume to the following email address:
  • Our Human Resources department will determine any potential available vacancy within the Smape organisation that fits with your personal profile. 
  • Smape personnel recruitment department will contact you directly to arrange a first interview. The first interview is typically divided into the following sections: 
  1.       Cognitive Section
  2.       English Section
  3.       Technical Section
  • Successful candidates will then proceed to a second interview that will be performed directly with the associated Department Manager.