Chemical Injection

Due to increased demand in the oil and gas sector for Enhanced Oil Recovery methods to produce higher sweep efficiencies in older reservoirs, Smape established a Chemical Injection division in 2009. This service-line operates primarily to provide injection services related to the pumping of new technology Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) polymer gels. To date Smape have pumped several types of EOR polymer gels and completed highly successful operations in Italy, Siberia, Azerbaijan, Eastern Guinea, Congo, Egypt and Tunisia in both onshore and offshore locations.



Smape has an extensive range of high rate and high-pressure chemical injection equipment.

  • Pump Rates from less than 1.0 l/min to 160 l/min
  • Electric and Diesel power pump options
  • 10,000psi Rated
  • ATEX, DNV, Zone-II Certified
  • Suitable for viscosities of 0-300cp


In March 2011 Smape set a record when they carried out the largest ever Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) polymer gel treatment pumped from a vessel in Equatorial Guinea, West Africa. 

A chemical transfer system to constantly feed buffer tanks on the rig floor was arranged on the vessel and 2 high-pressure pumping hoses connecting the vessel with the platform were used. For safety reasons, both of the high-pressure hoses were equipped with a remote controlled break-away system, which could be activated in the event of bad weather conditions during the job.