CT Injector Head

The injector head is the heart of the Coiled Tubing unit. It allows the CT string to be injected in and subsequently pulled out of the well. It must be rigged up over the well head together with necessary well control surface equipment such as the BOP, riser and stuffing box.

The injector head basic functions are:

  • Inject Coiled Tubing in and out of the well
  • Provide the snubbing force to overcome the initial wellhead pressure and friction.
  • Control the CT running speed
  • Support the CT weight


The injector head is hydraulically controlled by the operator from the control cabin and monitored through precise instruments that include the weight indicator and depth/speed counter.

Smape offers injector heads with the following technical specifications:

  • Tubing size range: from 1" up to 3"1/2
  • Maximum pulling force: 100,000 lb
  • Maximum snubbing force: 40,000 lb
  • Maximum speed: 250 ft/min
  • Minimum speed: less than 1.0 ft/min