Smape Pumping-Services division is concerned with the pumping of fluids at high rates and high pressures into the wellbore or formation. The final objective is the same on every job - to pump fluids into the customer well in a safe, effective and efficient manner.

Smape has a wide range of pumping equipment dedicated for pumping a wide variety of common oilfield fluids such as acids, brines, gels and cement-slurries. Fluids can be pumped straight to the well (bullheaded) or through Coiled Tubing.


A standard pumping equipment package generally consists of the following:

  • Stock Tanks and Transportation Tanks
  • Mixing and Blending equipment
  • Suction Lines
  • High Pressure Pumping Units
  • High pressure Discharge Lines
  • Crossover connection to Coiled Tubing Unit or Wellhead