The Coiled Tubing unit comprises a complete set of equipment necessary to perform standard continuous tubing operations in the field. The Coiled Tubing Unit is a self-contained, modular, easily transported, hydraulically powered workover unit that allows the injection and retrieval of a Coiled Tubing string into the well to the desired depth and to pull it back in the surface once the operation is complete. Smape has a large number and type of Coiled Tubing units available, each certified to operate in offshore and offshore hazardous area environments. Each unit consists of the following basic elements:

  • Power Pack - To generate hydraulic power required to operate the CT unit
  • Injector Head - To provide the surface drive force to run and retrieve the CT
  • Reel - For storage and transport of the CT
  • Control Cabin - For the operator to monitor and control the CT operation
  • Tubing String – To deliver and transport Downhole Tools or fluids to the desired well depth
  • Well Control Equipment - To provide essential well control safety barriers