Pipeline & Chemical

Smape Pipeline-Service division covers a variety of applications both in the up-stream and down-stream Oil and Gas sectors as well as in the Industrial sector

The following services are available:

  • High pressure / High rate pumping equipment for fluids and chemicals
  • High pressure injection equipment
  • Transport and storage facilities
  • Internal laboratory plus on-site lab facilities

The above resources in conjunction with other Smape equipment and our dedicated and experienced engineering teams can provide a variety of pipe-line applications:

  • Pipeline and plant purging with Nitrogen
  • Pipeline pressure testing with liquid, pigging and de-scaling
  • Chemical cleaning of pipelines and/or plants sections
  • Gross Leak Testing and Commissioning
  • Leak Testing with liquids or Nitrogen and Helium Leak Detection
  • Oil flushing of turbines and lube circuits
  • Chemicals injection in pipelines or hydrocarbon wells
  • Drying and Purging of pipelines, storage tanks or plants sections with Nitrogen