Coiled Tubing

Smape has the largest Coiled Tubing fleet in Southern Europe and is one of the service leaders in the Coiled Tubing market. We are constantly driving CT technology to become one of the fastest growing segments in the oilfield services sector. This growth is supported by continuous advances in technology and utilization of CT to perform an ever-increasing list of field operations. (Read more...)


Smape currently has the largest fleet of Nitrogen pumping units in Southern Europe. The Nitrogen pumping units are available skid-mounted or truck-mounted in order to be suitable for both offshore and onshore applications. Smape can offer a complete Nitrogen pumping service starting from the initial design of the job to the execution and post job analysis phases. All Nitrogen processes are supported by highly experienced engineering teams and field personnel. (Read more...)

Stimulation & Fluids Pumping

Smape has a wide range of well service fluid pumping equipment available. These include specifically designed pumping units for High-Rate / High-Pressure applications and are available to be used in conjunction with Coiled Tubing operations. Pump units are available truck mounted or skid mounted for use in onshore and offshore applications. Smape pump units are available on a stand-alone basis or to be used as part of a full well-service equipment package including Nitrogen and Coiled Tubing. (Read more...)

Through-Tubing Tools

Workover operations become increasingly important over the life-cycle of a typical oil or gas well in order to maintain initial levels of productivity and efficiency.

SMAPE has developed an extensive range of Through-Tubing downhole tools over the last 20 years and is now is one of the leaders in the provision of Coiled Tubing & Downhole Tools service. For highly specialised applications, Through-Tubing Tools can also be sourced from recognised 3rd party suppliers in Italy, Aberdeen and Dubai. (Read more...)

Pipeline & Chemical

Smape Pipeline-Service division covers a variety of applications both in the up-stream and down-stream Oil and Gas sectors as well as in the Industrial sector. The following services are available:

  • High pressure / High rate pumping equipment for fluids and chemicals
  • High pressure injection equipment
  • Transport and storage facilities
  • Internal laboratory plus on-site lab facilities
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Chemical Injection

Due to increased demand in the oil and gas sector for Enhanced Oil Recovery methods to produce higher sweep efficiencies in older reservoirs, Smape established a Chemical Injection division in 2009. This service-line operates primarily to provide injection services related to the pumping of new technology Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) polymer gels. To date Smape have pumped several types of EOR polymer gels and completed highly successful operations in Italy, Siberia, Azerbaijan, Eastern Guinea, Congo, Egypt and Tunisia in both onshore and offshore locations. (Read more...)