Stimulation & Fluids Pumping

Smape has a wide range of well service fluid pumping equipment available. These include specifically designed pumping units for High-Rate / High-Pressure applications and are available to be used in conjunction with Coiled Tubing operations. Pump units are available truck mounted or skid mounted for use in onshore and offshore applications. Smape pump units are available on a stand-alone basis or to be used as part of a full well-service equipment package including Nitrogen and Coiled Tubing.

Typical pumping applications include:

  • String pickling
  • Well kill
  • Stimulation matrix acidising
  • Well abandonment
  • Well-bore clean-up
  • Open hole treatment
  • Screen cleaning
  • Milling
  • Scale removal
  • Inhibitor / Chemical injection treatments

Experienced Smape engineering teams are available from the initial preparation of the pumping stimulation service design, to the provision of dedicated equipment and highly competent pumping personnel who have the ability to meet the challenging technical demands arising from different markets and applications.