Through-Tubing Tools

Workover operations become increasingly important over the life-cycle of a typical oil or gas well in order to maintain initial levels of productivity and efficiency.

SMAPE has developed an extensive range of Through-Tubing downhole tools over the last 20 years and is now is one of the leaders in the provision of Coiled Tubing & Downhole Tools service. For highly specialised applications, Through-Tubing Tools can also be sourced from recognised 3rd party suppliers in Italy, Aberdeen and Dubai.

Smape provides a comprehensive Through-Tubing tool service in conjunction with the Coiled Tubing service-line in order to optimise well production and at the same time minimising the risk associated with any intervention by supplying a wide range of tools in terms of size and application.

Smape has conventional and special tools that include:


CConventional Tools
  • External and Internal connectors for all sizes of Coiled Tubing
  • MotorHead Assembly: Double Flapper check valve, Hydraulic disconnect, Circulating Sub
  • Weight Bars and Extensions
  • Jetting Nozzles and Back Wash Nozzle
  • Roto-Jet Nozzles
  • Multi-Jet Nozzles
  • Multi-Slot Jet Nozzles
  • Venturi Junk Baskets and Extensions
  • Scale removal Nozzle


Fishing Tools
  • Overshots
  • Spears
  • Wireline Finder
  • Dual action Hydraulic Accelerator
  • Dual action Hydraulic Jar
  • Roto-hammer Accelerator
  • Roto-hammer
  • Up-stroke Hydraulic Accelerator
  • Up-stroke Hydraulic Accelerator Torque-thru
  • Up-stroke Hydraulic Jar
  • Up-stroke Hydraulic Jar Torque Thru
  • Knuckle joints


Millling, Reaming and Cutting Tools

Milling and reaming operations are performed to remove scales, mill out cement plugs or debris. Cutting operations are often required to free tubing, casing or drill pipe that has become stuck in the well. According to well conditions, several BHA configurations can be adopted by using:

  • Powerful down-hole, positive-displacement motors, ranging in size from 1 ¾” to 3 ½”
  • Special Downhole motors for use with acid and/or Nitrogen
  • Under-reamers
  • Pipe Cutters, in size varying from 1” 11/16 to 3” ½
  • Flat Mills
  • Step Mills
  • Taper Mills


Special Applications

Smape has been involved in many highly specialised operations and can offer equipment for specific applications. A basic summary of special equipment available includes:

  • Fiber-Optic Coiled Tubing: this special coiled tubing string with an internal multi-channel fiber optic cable gives you the possibility to monitor the well temperature profile in real time across the entire length of the string. Associated to this DTS function Smape has developed a downhole assembly to collect data from Single-Point Temperature sensors, pressure sensors and Casing Collar Locator (CCL)
  • Deployment System: When there is a special need to deploy a Bottom Hole Assembly which is longer than available riser, then our deployment system can be used to deploy such a BHA in a safe and efficient way, without any need to kill the well.
  • Deployment System: tWhen there is a special need to deploy a Bottom Hole Assembly which is longer than available riser, then our deployment system can be used to deploy such a BHA in a safe and efficient way, without any need to kill the well.
  • MaxPerf drilling tool: Maxperf radial drilling technology is made available at Smape through Penetrators Canada, Inc. This tool technology gives an excellent alternative to traditional perforations or side-track since it can drill up to four radial holes in a single run in order to bypass the damaged formation.
  • Tubing Puncher: Remotely Hydraulically operated from the surface, this BHA includes the Tubing-Puncher and a TBG anchor. The Puncher can be used to open one or more holes in the tubing in order to gain circulation.
  • Stiff SlickLine: In deviated, horizontal or un-accessible boreholes Coiled Tubing can be used to accomplish the traditional duties of SlickLine such as valve opening/closing, plugs and valves setting and retrieving; Smape has all necessary equipment available.
  • Retrievable Packer: This packer is remotely operated from the surface and can be extremely useful to temporarily or permanently isolate a well section.
  • Inflatable Packer: All the inflatable products available at Smape are available to meet conditions where it is necessary to access and isolate a larger well section after passing through a restriction.
  • Spoolable Disconnect System (SDS): Some Coiled Tubing operations are subject to higher risk of the Coiled-Tubing becoming stuck in the well. To minimise the risk and to have the possibility to re-gain control of the well, Smape has developed its own disconnect system (SDS). This tool can be placed in the CT string at a predetermined desired safe depth, so that the free section of the CT string will always be retrievable. This tool is required to be spooled with the rest of the string and as a result, had to be stringently engineered and uses highly specialised materials.