Well Control Equipment

Well Control Equipment has been designed to allow high pressure Coiled Tubing operations to be performed in a safe and controlled manner. The well control stack depends on specific operating criteria on the well-head.

A typical well control stack includes the following:

  • Adapter Spools – to match the wellhead flange
  • Flow-Cross – to provide an inlet / outlet for well fluids
  • Stripper (stuffing box) – to allow the CT to be stripped into a pressurized well. This can be single or dual for high pressure wells
  • QUAD BOP (Blind Ram + Shear Ram + Slip Ram + Pipe Ram) – to provide a safety valve to the well; it includes a kill-line
  • Compact Combi BOP (Blind+Shear Rams and Slip+Pipe Rams) – for compact rig-ups
  • Annular BOP – in case of tools larger than CT diameter
  • Riser Sections – to contain any BHA when pulled from the well

Smape utilises well control equipment rated to 10,000psi in compliance with international safety standards and laws. Further well control equipment is available to meet with different well conditions and varying offshore legislations.